Why is Flutter the Ideal Choice to Build a Startup Mobile App?

The COVID-19 has brought along countless opportunities, especially in the mobile technology sector. Entrepreneurs who were waiting to bring a transformation or revolutionary change in the world with their extraordinary or innovative mobile app idea, the time is now to hammer on the sweet spot.

The only thing that takes your time before twisting yourself in the industry is choosing the best framework for your mobile application development. Currently, no company can stand in the competition without offering a mobile app for their potential users.

It would be best to consider where to start building the mobile app framework and which is ideal for your startup. 

Therefore, we list the top five reasons Flutter is the best choice for developing a mobile app for your company.


  1. Flutter permits robust design, which helps startups appeal to investors.
  2. The use of Dart in Flutter assures high performance in your mobile app.
  3. Flutter’s Hot Reload improves developer productivity by over 10x.
  4. Building a startup app in Flutter is extremely budget-friendly.
  5. Smart Flutter libraries for building attractive UI.


Let’s go:

1. Flutter permits robust design, which helps startups appeal to investors

Every business needs to attract investors to acquire or get the desired amount of funding for research and innovation. Flutter offers a wide range of enhanced UI features and intuitive designs, drawing in customers and investors alike.

Flutter also comes with great customized widgets for iOS and Android, giving the ‘vibes’ of native applications and allowing developers to create a seamless and smooth user experience. In addition, when compared to any other tool, Flutter delivers a much wider variety of widgets.

2. The use of Dart in Flutter assures high performance in your mobile app

Dart is Flutter’s object-oriented language that accumulates into native code using Ahead-of-Time development techniques. It intensely boosts the launch time of the mobile application. Also, the Flutter need not be required to name Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) widgets because it uses its in-built widgets.

Therefore, instead of going across a JavaScript bridge, it enables the application to connect directly with the native platform. This permits developers to develop even complicated apps using Flutter conveniently and without compromising the results and performance. An outstanding and appealing UX with budget-friendly features is why entrepreneurs use it for building a startup app in Flutter.

3. Flutter’s Hot Reload improves developer productivity by over 10x

Flutter offers an interactive app development method where the developer can initially make changes to the code and cross verify immediately via its “Hot Reload” feature.

It helps developers quickly fix without sacrificing functionality and redeployment of the code if there is a bug during the development process and can continue from where they left off. It helps developers see their real-time improvements, fixes bugs, adds new functionality, and experiments at a fast pace.

Hot reload increases the project’s efficiency and permits experiments without long delays within a few seconds.

4. Building a startup app in Flutter is extremely budget-friendly

The majority of the startups are not capable of spending huge amounts of money on developing native apps. On the other hand, with Flutter, a single code base can develop mobile apps that operate seamlessly on various platforms. It dramatically minimizes the cost of maintenance of apps, which is something that startups very much appreciate.

5. Smart Flutter libraries for building attractive UI

You can acquire access to widgets based on the variation among iOS, Android, and Google Fuchsia platforms when you go for Flutter application development. So, when you use Flutter as a UI creation tool, you can use widgets to integrate all of the application’s platform-based functionalities, such as navigation, scrolling, icons, and fonts.


Here are some reputed companies who use Flutter

Coming to the important part of this article, we have listed three companies (categories) that serve most industries globally.

  • Google Ads

Users can check their smartphone campaign stats through notifications and alerts—a compelling and classic example of the Flutter toolkit.

  • Birch Finance

An app to manage credit cards with custom offers and rewards. It regularly keeps track of spending from all your accounts, and it learns from your sending behaviors.

  • Coach Yourself

A meditation app (health app) for the German language that helps users to polish their positive traits and overcome the negativities.


How Much Does it Cost To Build A Startup App in Flutter in 2021?

The cost of designing a mobile cross-platform application ranges from approximately (₹1,00,000- ₹10,00,000) $40,000-$170,250 and can go up to $500,000 (₹20,00,000) for an hourly average price of $150. Overall it depends on the features you want to add and offer to your users; the prices are based on estimated cost. Low development and maintenance cost is one of the reasons for building your startup app in Flutter.



Flutter holds every probable aspect that an entrepreneur would look for before investing in their start-up app development. Moreover, the robust code and community make Flutter a flexible choice for small and medium enterprise applications. So, what are you waiting for? As you have an outstanding idea, take the first step, and we assure you that we will grab the rest of the 99 steps towards you and take you to destined heights.

Join hands with the brilliant Flutter App Development Company to leverage the most out of Flutter’s contribution. Be ready to set sail with our passionate Flutter developers that will build your next-generation enterprise app.

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