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Looking for effective design solutions? We create simple, clean, and attractive mobile app designs for businesses. We bring your idea from concept to reality with our user experience and design.

Cmile is a full-fledged UI/UX design company delivering visually compelling designs to clients all across India. With a team of professional and experienced designers, we follow design guidelines that empower us to design highly engaged UI and extraordinary mobile apps. Choose us to get the top-notch mobile app design solution.

App Design Services

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It must be delicate yet user friendly

Interfaces aren’t supposed to be intimidating so shouldn’t be the design elements that form them. UIs should be subtle to a level that they are virtually unnoticeable. Our developers deliver the most minimalistic view your app can be delivered on.

iOS App Design

With the experience of many successful app designs, we do understand the way an iOS app should look and work. Overall we provide one of the best outstanding designs which look fresh for a longer time with high-quality 3D graphics.

Android App Design

Our app designers faultlessly handle the entire android design process. That results in more user engagement, downloads and which lead to positive customer feedback.

App Design Process

  • Define

    At this stage, we understand your product and current challenges. It helps us define goals and the next upcoming steps. Every project starts with thorough requirements elicitation. We define business goals and align stakeholder expectations for the product.

  • Research & Ideate

    We conduct preliminary research of your competitors, target audience, and market to identify the most beneficial design solutions. Our experts analyze your business model and research accordingly, which suits your model. Overall our research is based on actual figures with researchers.

  • Prototyping and Testing

    At this stage, our team turns ideas into concrete prototypes by creating wireframes, a style guide, mockups, and a clickable prototype. Every week we try and test a new design layout that would be clear for your users. We make sure the testing process checks all the boxes set by our developers.

  • UX Strategy and Measurement

    We run multiple workshops with you to craft a long-term UX strategy for your product and define how to measure its performance. We only believe in quality with performance. Our experts make sure you get the best what you deserve.

  • UI Design

    At the very end, you get a pixel-perfect UI design that we are ready to adjust based on your comments if there are any. Our UI designer makes sure you get the perfect design with user-friendly experience. Our designers make latest and trendy design as per your business structure.

Why Cmile?

Innovative design

Having enormous experience and strong knowledge in UI/UX design, we bring together a unique blend of innovative and creative design aesthetics with incredible accessibility that are consistent with your project’s goals and customer expectations.

Dedicated Team

At Cmile, we deliver visual and aesthetics designing elements with a great user experience. Our dedicated designing team utilizes the best strategies to model your exclusive vision into aesthetically appealing, hassle-free and on-demand UI design solutions.

User-friendly UI

By conducting field research, ethnographic studies, usability testing, and user task modelling, we create the most appealing and creative user interface to engage your customers in an advanced way.



We focus on solving the issue via apps. We don’t go with the trends, we analyze the issue and try to develop the apps which can improve your life.

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