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Milkman app is an end-to-end solution that empowers you to manage your subscriptions, delivery, and allows you to pay online/cash at ease. From the land of dairy directly to your doorstep, the Milkman app has made it possible by optimizing the platform with technology and a commitment to quality.

Advantages of Milkman CRM Platform

  1. Better knowledge of customers
  2. Better customer retention
  3. Better anticipation of needs
  4. Better and speedier communication
  5. Better protection of data privacy


Why should you choose the Milkman App?

  1. Daily on-time delivery
  2. Online payment at ease
  3. Not only milk, but you can also order other dairy products like cottage cheese, purified butter (ghee), and many other products.
  4. Quality assured products delivered
  5. Option to skip delivery on your preferred date
  6. Easy monthly based payment system with automatic billing and statement


Customer Experience Above All

Milkman App’s mission is to satisfy all customers along the delivery process.  We strive to delight consumers while reducing delivery costs.

  1.   Convenient Delivery Notifications: Keep your customers in the know.  Alert them to schedule their delivery, to know when it’s started and expected, and when it’s arriving!
  2.   Timely Delivery Updates: Alert your customers to any changes along the delivery process.  Keep them in the know as to exactly when they can expect their delivery when things do change.
  3.   Transparency & Satisfaction: Responsive feedback from your customers regarding their delivery experience.
  4.   Easy online payment system: Don’t worry about cash, you can pay online with some easy steps, all you need is to link your bank account with the payment app like Google Pay, Phonepe, and many others.

It is available on both iOS and Android platforms.


Features of the Milkman admin app

  1. It Manages customers, product deliveries, and payments all in one.
  2. Admin gets an option of a dashboard where he gets details about each customer and gets the information of the total product delivered.
  3. It allows easy update of customers details
  4. It allows the admin to get customer-specific delivery details and has a facility to replace the product during real-time tracking.
  5. Get monthly statement and bill on time automatically
  6. It allows to manage payment separately


Why does the Milkman App hold an extra edge over other competitors?

  1. Pay on the go: Milkman Apps give you the advantage of foreseeable costs both for the subscription and to some extent, the administration – thus, allowing for more exact budgeting as compared to the costs of internal IT teams.
  2. Protection of data privacy and timely updates: Under the Milkman App model, we take care of data privacy is our priority and with regular security updates we keep the app bug and lag-free, therefore your data and other payment details are safe while using the app. We also give an end to end encryption security.
  3. Work anywhere: With continuous innovation at the helm, the Milkman App is hosted in the cloud and accessible over the internet. Simply put, you can access the app via mobile devices from any part of the world for any function whatsoever.
  4. User friendly: We developed an app that is user friendly and easy to use, every function is precisely crafted to keep the app as simple as possible for every customer.


Taking doorstep milk delivery digital

Our state of the art app connects the customer with local dairy providers – bringing a wide variety of dairy products straight to your doorstep. Customize your milk delivery weekly using our bespoke user-friendly platform designed with the customer at heart. Every time a change is made the dairy will receive a notification instantly to ensure you have full control of your weekly doorstep delivery.



Technology Stack

Android    Apple    Firebase

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What Our Client Say

Dr. Elizabeth Reed

Division of Health Promotion and Behavioral Science Co-Director, SDSU-UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Global Health Associate Professor of Global Health

Cmile built our app to be available on iOS and Android. They were wonderful to work with. They offered suggestions along the way to make the app stand out, went above and beyond in terms of the app development. They were always approachable, and we always got the sense from them that they are just as passionate about our mission as we are!

Rajat Jhunjhunwala

Founder @ KlomaCare

Cmile team has efficiently worked out a mobile app to complete my medical device with an enthusiastic lead like Chirag within a short period of time

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