Erasure as a Service (EaaS)

Permanently wipe data from your HDDs, SDDs, PCs, Laptops, and/or Mobiles

Successful data wiping, or data erasure is essential for protecting not only your company's privacy but also the confidentiality of all of your customers and business contacts. In fact, if you sell, donate, or throw away your old or used IT equipment like Hard Drives, Pen Drives, PCs, etc. that hasn't had its data and media effectively deleted by a professional data wiping service provider, and someone finds and utilizes that information for any purpose, you might be facing a serious legal issue. To make matters worse, your company's trustworthiness will be jeopardized as well.


HDD & SDD Data Wiping

Reliable external hard data wiping and DOD-compliant hard drive wiping solutions are efficient ways to sanitise hard drives and ensure HIPAA- and DOD-compliant data destruction. Don't leave data security and data destruction to chance.

Computer & Laptop Data Wiping

Our Data Wiping team is well-known for executing the best wiping techniques in order to deliver the most reliable data wiping service to our clients

Smartphone Data Wiping

Our experts carefully observe your device and apply their strategic data wiping methods to make your device 100% data-free. We have a dedicated team that checks all the parameters and ensures that we deliver as according to client's expectations.

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