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Cmile is an app development company having considerable experience delivering solutions in single and multiple operating environments.

We offer digital consulting, app development for mobile, UI/UX design, and testing services across iOS and Android OS.

We have helped customers across industries & geographies to extend their business to the mobile channel and differentiate their brand with human-centric digital experiences.

Helping businesses solve challenges by providing digital solutions.

We are one of the reputed mobile app development company. Working with you to understand your journey; build innovative custom solutions that match your unique business needs.

Cmile has highly qualified professionals with years of experience; you can take advantage of expert app development consultants who provide business continuity and agility.

With pre-built generic solutions and frameworks, we help accelerate your digital journey and reduce time-to-market.


Our services include mobile app consulting, design, development, and testing.

App Strategy
App Strategy

Design thinking approach to maximize ROI. Apps we build showcase only a portion of what our mobile app development company is capable of. We know what it takes to convert your vision into reality. We understand every app project is different and needs special efforts. Thus, we spend considerable time in planning and research.

App Development
App Development

A lot goes into developing a mobile app that meets our eyes. We have a team of mobile app developers which assure that the resulting product is as great as the team that made it. A team that has more than 50+ apps to its credit; this is the least amount you can expect. After all, brilliance knows no boundaries.

App Maintenance and Support
App Maintenance & Support

Our mobile app development agency provides support & maintenance even after the app is launched. Whenever you want help, we are always there for you to assist. Simply contact us, and we will solve all your queries. Moreover, we also ensure that your application runs smoothly and consistently by providing episodic maintenance.

App Design
App Design

For us, creativity is nothing but a way to solve old problems in new ways. That means, our designers, prototype engineers always have a way out to your problem and will enlighten you to more unique ways to approach your mobile app development solutions. It would help you increase customer retention rate, dwell time, and app downloads.

App Deployment
App Deployment

App Deployments define the package of software components that make up an application in a particular environment, e.g. development or production. Instances of these are deployed onto physical Technology Nodes to capture where that software is executing. Although this is technically an activity in the Technology Layer, it is the logical conclusion of the Application Layer working from the Conceptual, through Logical and the Physical Views.

App Marketing
App Marketing

Our team creates special marketing campaigns to reach your users at every stage of the marketing funnel. Through our strategy, we try to engage your app users throughout their entire experience with your app.

Why Choose Us?

Client Centric Development

We are the one that leverages best
ever mobile solutions to the clients
by tailoring as per their business

Quality Deliverance

We assure and ensure to deliver
quality products and services to our
clients at competitive price.


We have adopted Agile
Development process that helps us
to advocate adaptive planning,
evolutionary development, and
continuous improvement

Data Protection & Security

By signing NDA, we are committed to protecting private data. Protecting confidential information is our top priority.

Committed Support

We always assist our clients in every
possible manner at each phase of

Customer satisfaction

Our client's satisfaction is the reason for our success. This is the reason we keep client satisfaction at the centre of our ecosystem.

What Our Client Say

Rajat Jhunjhunwala

Founder @ KlomaCare

Cmile team has efficiently worked out a mobile app to complete my medical device with an enthusiastic lead like Chirag within a short period of time


We focus on solving the issue via apps. We don’t go with the trends, we analyze the issue and try to develop the apps which can improve your life.


GST is usually filled by our CA’s. On the GST portal, our contact number is registered. Hence, when our CA fills GST online, we receive an OTP for confirmation.  This OTP is automatically forwarded to your CA by GOCA. Providing hassle-free way of filling GST. Privacy Policy: https://cmile.in/goca/privacy-policy/


Shwas is one of the easy to use spirometry app out there! Shwas is ideal for pulmonologists, general practitioners, nurses, pharmacists making it easier for healthcare providers to perform spirometry tests and manage multiple patients. Shwas is powered by a wireless spirometer manufactured by KlomaCare. It seamlessly connects with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth…

Girls Invest

This is an educational app focusing on today’s teenagers for improving their wisdom in personal finance, career, and relationships. All of these aspects have become a major issue in one’s life, and there’s little or no teaching on it. Teenagers usually rely on their friends for advice for such kinds of challenges. This app uses…

Milkman App

Milkman app is an end-to-end solution which has the following features: Record customer and suppliers, Manage sales and purchase, Dedicated Admin control panel in mobile app Extensive reporting and analytics All data is stored on Cloud which means you can access any kind of data from anywhere using internet.

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