App Testing

Businesses look good when your app solution hits the right spot. An outstanding app retains the customers and keeps them engaged, which as a result it helps your business to grow.

At Cmile we have a team of experts who are continuously working towards the app testing process; we promise we won’t stop till we reach perfection. Our experts start with market research, understand and analyze the competition, and finally develop their strategy as per the client’s business structure.

Cmile strives hard to achieve an app testing strategy that suits you the best.

Design Testing

It is one of the important factors when it comes to app success. We design apps that users expect, we analyze and fulfill all the requirements, and we make sure the final output which comes out should be a user-friendly design.

Our experts are well aware of the user expectation, and we make sure the design we finalize should be simple and attractive, which gives the user a flawless app experience.

Functionality Testing

At Cmile our experts ensure that the application is, well, functioning, correctly. This type of testing focuses on the main purpose and flow of the app, ensuring that all its features are responsive and meet specifications.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is a very important area to determine a product’s acceptance in the marketplace. Along with the web, it is more important than ever to have a successful mobile user experience.

At Cmile, we have built a mobile usability testing methodology based on our experience with a wide range of clients.

Automation Testing

We have arrived at a balance between the test automation challenges and the ideal software test automation framework. We have also created our own open source-based test automation solutions.

Selenium automation testing to say, is one of the paths followed in delivering quality solutions. In doing so, our goal is to provide cost-effective test solutions using custom-built automation test frameworks.

Performance Testing

Cmile has a dedicated group of experts in developing app performance tests, built around a custom robust strategy. They are not only experienced in commercial performance testing tools but are also proficient in testing using other open-source test automation tools.

Considering website load testing services as the core for delivering a desirable user experience, our experts with all the intricate nuances involved in the process continue to research and evolve with ongoing technology changes in this space.

Mobile Testing

Our smart devices testing scope spans smartphones, tablets, and wearables as major categories. With numerous OS versions from iOS to Android and millions of devices around, mobile app testing can be a huge challenge.

We strive to bring in our specialized test and domain knowledge to test applications and content on devices with these evolving device technology.


We focus on solving the issue via apps. We don’t go with the trends, we analyze the issue and try to develop the apps which can improve your life.


GST is usually filled by our CA’s. On the GST portal, our contact number is registered. Hence, when our CA fills GST online, we receive an OTP for confirmation. This OTP is automatically forwarded to your CA by GOCA App. We are providing a hassle-free way of filling GST.

Shwas App

Shwas App is developed to connect to wireless spirometer manufactured by KlomaCare via Bluetooth.

Girls Invest

Girls Invest is a mobile app-based training to promote healthy relationships, financial literacy and inclusion, encourage the pursuit of career goals, as well as to support girls to manage social and overall health challenges.

Milkman App

Milkman app is an end-to-end solution that empowers you to manage your subscriptions, delivery, and allows you to pay online/cash at ease. From the land of dairy directly to your doorstep, the Milkman app has made it possible by optimizing the platform with technology and a commitment to quality.

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