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Shwas App is a Bluetooth-enabled spirometer App that brings together the ease of use of a handheld spirometer with the data logging capabilities using a smartphone. Our spirometer is a palm-sized device connected to a Smartphone via Shwas App for immediate access to test data. Flow and volume-related parameters are measured and transmitted to any Android smartphone via a built-in Bluetooth module. The Shwas app allows data to download and save data. The device measures exhaled (expiratory) air flow using a rotary turbine. The number of rotations of the turbine is proportional to the volume of air, and the frequency of rotation is proportional to the flow rate. Based on these principles, sensors are used to translate the turbines’ movement to flow rate and air volume. Shwas app assesses all major flow and volume related respiratory parameters.

Shwas is one of the easy to use spirometry apps out there! Shwas is powered by a wireless spirometer manufactured by KlomaCare. It seamlessly connects with your Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

Spirometry tests are used to diagnose these conditions, some are:

  1. COPD
  2. Asthma
  3. Restrictive lung disease (such as interstitial pulmonary fibrosis)
  4. Other disorders affecting lung function

They also allow your doctor to monitor chronic lung conditions to check that your current treatment is improving your breathing. Spirometry is often done as part of a group of tests known as pulmonary function tests.


System Design and Features

  • Lilly Type Flow Sensing Unit

The Lilly type sensing unit uses a flow restrictor to immediately create a linear flow/differential pressure relationship at both sides of the restrictor when the airflow travels through it.

  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery Power Supply

The 5 V constant voltage source is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. A level conversion circuit is used to realize a 5 V to 3.3 V conversion for the power supplies of the differential pressure sensor and the MSP430 module.

  • Mobile Terminal

The mobile terminal can be a smartphone or a tablet, etc. The Spirometer sends the readings to the Smartphone app via  Bluetooth. After each data packet is identified, it extracts the digital quantity and then processes them to restore the respiratory signal. The displaying module displays patient information, the spirometry parameters, spirograms (usually exhibited as flow-time curves and volume-time curves), and system information.

  • Responsive App

The app is responsible for: the operation of the spirometry test, including the initialization of the Bluetooth device to pre-configure the communication mode, searching for the Bluetooth device, and completing the pairing of the Bluetooth; setting the app parameters; reading data from the Bluetooth receive buffer; data processing and the result (including both data and graphic) display. Data processing includes extracting lung function data according to the transmitted packet pattern and calculating the data according to a designed algorithm. The app also saves patient information and could also share details with the doctor and hospital unit about the test results and their consultation and guidance.


Distinctive Features of Shwas App

  • Predicted sets and predicted values: Suitable for all ages from 5 to 93 years and multi-ethnic groups (GLI predicted sets)
  • Share Medical Report: Share results in file with anyone at any time via email/WhatsApp/cloud/drive/Bluetooth
  • Print Medical Report: Direct print via Bluetooth External Printer
  • User-friendly: Anyone who uses a Smartphone could use this app, without reading any sort of user’s manual.




Technology Stack

Android   Firebase

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What Our Client Say

Dr. Elizabeth Reed

Division of Health Promotion and Behavioral Science Co-Director, SDSU-UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Global Health Associate Professor of Global Health

Cmile built our app to be available on iOS and Android. They were wonderful to work with. They offered suggestions along the way to make the app stand out, went above and beyond in terms of the app development. They were always approachable, and we always got the sense from them that they are just as passionate about our mission as we are!

Rajat Jhunjhunwala

Founder @ KlomaCare

Cmile team has efficiently worked out a mobile app to complete my medical device with an enthusiastic lead like Chirag within a short period of time

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