Proper app strategy defines the future of the app

Businesses look for progressive app solutions. Perfect mobile app strategy retains the consumers, keeps users engaged, and allows you to achieve your objectives. Our team supports the modernized structure of development. They start with market research, understand the competition, dependence on resources, and develop an overall strategy for our client.

Cmile strives hard to achieve an app strategy that suits you the best.

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Our Approach

Research market

To start with your app, you should define your target audience. Don’t reach out to everyone.

Research your competitors

Knowing about competitors will help you determine advantages and disadvantages over your audience.

App store optimization

The higher your app ranks in an app store, your app will be more visible to potential customers.

Measure your app KPIs.

We analyze mobile app KPIs on regular basis so we could focus on the most important KPIs to assess your app’s success

Get to know your app development cost

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We offer

  • Concepts and visuals
  • App analysis 
  • Wireframes and prototypes
  • Analysis about User experience 
  • User research based on market
  • App store optimization
  • Monetization strategies with modern tools
  • Promotion plans
  • Release management strategy
  • Support & maintenance strategy
App Strategy


We focus on solving the issue via apps. We don’t go with the trends, we analyze the issue and try to develop the apps which can improve your life.


Payday is a completely free, secure, and simple tool for tracking employee attendance. One of the app’s strongest features is the ability to record employee work information when offline.


GST is usually filled by our CA’s. On the GST portal, our contact number is registered. Hence, when our CA fills GST online, we receive an OTP for confirmation. This OTP is automatically forwarded to your CA by GOCA App. We are providing a hassle-free way of filling GST.

Shwas App

Shwas App is developed to connect to wireless spirometer manufactured by KlomaCare via Bluetooth.

Girls Invest

Girls Invest is a mobile app-based training to promote healthy relationships, financial literacy and inclusion, encourage the pursuit of career goals, as well as to support girls to manage social and overall health challenges.

Milkman App

Milkman app is an end-to-end solution that empowers you to manage your subscriptions, delivery, and allows you to pay online/cash at ease. From the land of dairy directly to your doorstep, the Milkman app has made it possible by optimizing the platform with technology and a commitment to quality.

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