7 Reasons Why Start-up Businesses Require to Hire a Flutter App Development Company

Meta: Flutter is an open-source software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to create natively compiled apps with a single codebase. Here are the 7 reasons startup businesses must hire a flutter app development company. 

Flutter is one of the best and most used frameworks for app development today. Are you also considering going with Flutter for your next start-up app development, but you are confused about it? If yes, this article is for you.

In this article, we have shared 7 reasons start-up businesses require hiring a flutter app development company. But first, let’s understand how Flutter is taking the place of other development frameworks.

App Development is the way forward for any business to establish itself, let alone a start-up. Today’s start-ups have two options for app development – native app development and cross-platform app development. Native app development involves developing unique apps for each platform like Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, etc. However, Cross-Platform app development involves developing apps that work seamlessly on these multiple platforms. 

So, business owners enjoy the time, cost, and other technical advantages when they build their apps using cross-platform development methods. But certain downsides make native apps superior to cross-platform apps. The aesthetics of cross-platform apps are not as attractive as a native app due to the difference in the user interface on various platforms. Therefore, the user experience and the performance efficiency of the app are compromised.

What is Flutter?

Although numerous cross-platform app development tools exist, Google developed Flutter in 2017 to overcome the shortcomings mentioned above. Flutter is an open-source software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to create natively compiled apps with a single codebase that works on multiple platforms seamlessly. It is written using Dart language, which accelerates the loading of the UI on multiple platforms.

The framework has an in-built rendering engine, which behaves like a canvas that displays its works. Because of this in-built engine, the User Interfaces developed on Flutter will be supported by all devices, irrespective of the platform. It also comprises an extensive range of customised widgets and plug-ins suitable for Android and iOS, which gives the feeling of native apps. 

7 Reasons Why Start-up Businesses Require to Hire a Flutter App Development Company

This blog helps the readers evaluate why businesses, especially start-ups, need to go to Flutter App Development companies to develop their apps.

1. Reduces the App Development and Testing Time

One significant reason for preferring a multi-platform app development suite over native apps is to reduce the development time. Instead of developing different apps to work on each platform, Flutter enables designers to use the same codebase to run it on Android and iOS. 

Since Flutter uses a single codebase to develop the app, testing and debugging the apps is faster and easier. With apps developed on Flutter, QA Engineers need not test the app on each and every platform. Test the app once, and it’s ready for execution on all the platforms.

Flutter offers a wide range of tools for QA engineers to perform compatibility tests for the various platforms. The Hot Reload feature provided by Flutter allows developers to edit the code and see the changes in real-time. 

2. Reduces the App Development Cost

Given the low budget of start-up businesses, reducing the time for software development leads to substantial cost savings. Moreover, start-ups need not hire different teams to develop apps for different platforms. Flutter, with its single codebase, allows start-ups to hire just a single team for developing the multi-platform app.

Downsizing the development team offers a huge cost advantage compared to native app development. This budget-friendly toolkit also allows the start-ups to build an extensive-featured app at a lesser cost.

3. Provides Consistent User Experience

Flutter allows the app to use the same User Interface on iOS and Android, providing a consistent and seamless user experience. Flutter also allows the designers to build aesthetically pleasing apps similar to native apps, providing a spectacular experience for the user.

The platform-specific functionalities like the icons, page view, scrolling, clicking, etc., can be integrated easily when the UI is built using Flutter.

4. Ease of Access to Third-Party Plug-in

Various tools and third-party plug-ins make the app development process hassle-free. The extensive tools and plug-ins enable Flutter app developers to easily create elite mobile apps with extensive features for multiple platforms in a short period.

5. Inbuilt Library of Widgets

The aesthetics of the user interface of any app depends mainly on the Widget Library. Flutter has two libraries of pre-designed, customised widgets – Material Widgets and Cupertino Widgets. These widgets offer the users a native feel for Android and Apple users.

Every object on the User Interface is a widget, and the library enables the developers to easily and quickly create a fascinating UI with modern styling.

6. In-built Rendering Engine

To provide the best user experience, Flutter uses the same user interface across all the platforms. To render the UI without hassles, Flutter has an inbuilt rendering engine – Skia.

It is a robust platform that renders the app seamlessly across multiple platforms without having to change the user interface. 

7. Highly Productive and Flexible

The Flutter toolkit is written in Dart, which can be quickly learnt and understood by Java and Java Script Engineers. The Dart Language makes the development and execution of the app simple and fast. It also enhances the performance of the app on multiple platforms.


Given the current boom of start-up culture worldwide, Flutter has provided a viable, cost-effective option for businesses to build and deploy a multi-platform app. Start-ups, with their budget constraints, can easily and quickly develop a multi-platform app with the look and performance of a native app.

Developed by Google and still evolving, Flutter has already occupied a considerable share in the software app development industry and is set to grow in the coming years.


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