5 Free Movie Apps on Android You Should Try Out In 2021

Watching movies is an activity enjoyed by everyone. Technology has revolutionized this act by making it simple and accessible for all through free movie apps available in the Play Store to download.

But the real question here is how many of those free movie apps are worth downloading especially if you are looking for something specific such as wanting to watch top movies on your small screens.

While nothing beats watching movies on the go, it isn’t that hard to know what free movie apps are the best for a movie lover to download.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the best five free movie apps on Android that every movie fan certainly needs to download on his/her mobile phone. Let’s find out those:


Catmouse is the first one on my list of the 5 best movie apps. This app offers tons of movies and TV shows, and a lot more. The app is well maintained and regularly updated with the latest content. It uses the best scrapers to obtain high-quality streaming links. This app has a fast, reliable interface and a vast content library. The app also makes sure you have tons of top-quality streaming links select the content you wish to, watching it will line up several active streams and up to 1080p resolution. Catmouse also allows integration with real debride; you can treat yourself with even superior quality links with tracked sign-in. Catmouse lets you sync your streaming activities across devices and platforms. You can also change the default video player to the one you like if you don’t like using the built-in player. Catmouse is one of the best free movie apps.


UnlockMyTV is relatively newer than the other apps listed on this list despite its immense popularity. The app offers smooth navigation, pulls in high quality streaming links quickly, and allows fast playback dot due to its excellent user experience. The massive collection of movies and shows makes sure you never run out of entertainment options. If you are a binge-watcher, Unlock my TV is a perfect streaming app for you. You will find dozens of high-quality streams for most movies and episodes when it comes to streaming quality. Great dashboard, well-organized home screen, and an elegant user interface, these features best describe Unlocked my TV. Also, it has a few additional features, such as subtitles that make it a must-have for online streamers. Tracked sign-in backup options, genre-wise filters, and a bunch of other features make this app a viable entertainment tool. Go ahead and try it!


BeeTv is a free streaming app that can be dubbed as an unlocked version of Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can click on any link and watch the content or even download it for free. BeeTv has an interface like Netflix and is pretty clean without any annoying ads. This app offers a massive library of movies and TV shows. It also features a category dedicated to anime, making it more exciting for anime fans. The inbuilt subtitles feature adds up in making the TV one of the best streaming apps. BeeTv content library is updated with the latest releases regularly. The app pulls in streams from trusted and high-quality sources, ensuring you have a pleasant streaming experience. You can choose from different players before you can start watching. Videos can be played with or without subtitles, on an external player, and downloaded anytime.


Reflux is another free movie app that offers movies and TV shows, sports, and anime for free. Albeit offering ads, the app is the top destination to watch anime movies and TV shows. Apart from the many films and TV shows, the app also hosts a number of live TV channels with a built-in video player, clean interface, and subtitle support. Free flicks are everything to offer for a general TV lover. There’s a useful filter for selecting content by genre. I love it when an app has multiple filters for searching; it’s so handy for when you’re in the mood for a particular style of film or show without having a specific idea of what you want to watch. The menu itself is simple to navigate around and very responsive. The only times that I found it lagged were when I tried to operate the app while already streaming content.

Cyberflicks TV

Yet another best movie app, Cyberflicks TV, offers a vast collection of HD quality content ready to be streamed for hours. Cyberflicks TV has an easy-to-use and interactive design. The home page is well organized. It also supports multiple languages for subtitles. Frequently updated content makes sure the latest movies and TV shows are available to you as soon as they are released. The app gives you the ability to use 3rd-party video players to stream the files. You can download movies and even add subtitles to the streams. Cyberflicks TV has all the famous and trending TV shows that you would expect to find on a free app and a whole lot more than Netflix or Amazon Prime can offer. The selection also provided a nice balance between the old and the new, providing something for everyone. 

With the ample number of free movie apps flooded in the Play store, it’s apparent that you may end up with confusion.  These (mentioned above) top free movie apps will help you stay connected to showbiz, with all required information. So, what are you waiting for? Download these free movie apps on your Android phone, sit back, and relax because- It’s showtime!


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