6 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Rule in 2022 and Beyond

Mobile apps are one of the most outstanding technological innovations of all time. Why are we saying this? Because it has changed most people’s lives, for instance, the way we work, shop, and communicate, everything has changed with mobile apps. 

If you want to interact, you interact on Whats app, Signal, or any other messenger app. If you want to shop, you prefer Amazon, Flip kart, and others; or if you’re going to travel, you book tickets from the apps. So you can see how much we are dependent on mobile apps and how much these apps have made our life easy.

So we can say it is one of the best innovations in the 21st century.

Now the question is how to develop an app, and this is where the mobile app development company comes into play. These things are only possible if you get the services from a reputed and experienced company.

By collaborating with the mobile app development company, you can enhance and outperform their reach and boost your company’s overall productivity.

That’s why people now believe if you have an app, you maximize the chances of success. 

When we talk about the growth of mobile app development companies, things have drastically changed at an incredible pace. According to Sensor Tower’s (a provider of market intelligence and insights for the global app economy), the official report says the total global spending on mobile applications will reach approximately $270B by 2025. In addition, Apple’s App Store will account for $185B at an annual growth rate of 20.7%, while Google Play will reach $85 billion with 16.9% annual growth over the next five years (2026).

To get an idea, let’s explore and find out the key trends in mobile app development for 2022 and beyond.

mobile app development

  • Edge Computing 


Big data and the cloud are highly important to companies/businesses. However, some people believe that the cloud is only becoming outdated or worth it for a few more years. Arguably this is because the cloud is centralized (this doesn’t bode well with 5G). Well, all is not lost yet, though; the cloud is evolving with the help of edge computing.

What is edge computing? In simple terms, Edge Computing refers to how the cloud evolves; edge computing will ensure that the user is near the cloud, processing their needs at the closest station or locally. The cloud operates inside the user’s device, and there’s your answer—the device and the cloud combine, which deals with latency problems.


  • 5G Network Technology

We all know the next generation network (5G technology) is faster than 4G networks and has a speed of around 100+ Gbps. It is said that 5G technology will be the standard for data transmission by developing new radio frequencies and covering approximately 1.4 billion devices in the coming five to seven years. 5G technology is specially designed to boost mobile applications with outstanding and latest features like 8K video streaming, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR). However, these features were not smooth in the 4K network. Therefore, an experienced app developer can create outstanding mobile solutions that will outperform the performance of your business by using 5G to develop and design some exceptional features.


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As per a report by IBM, approximately 77 percent of the businesses had shifted to AI, and they are actively using the technology. 

Artificial Intelligence is now showing its presence in different business sectors, and it is said to have a positive influence on people’s lives. Machines/computers now use machine learning technology or AI to carry out the work or tasks humans previously performed. In 2022 and beyond, the use of AI for mobile app development will increase to a greater extent, and so will app developers. This will increase the cost-effectiveness of the project apart from offering better outcomes.

The lack of enough user engagement remains one of the primary reasons for the failure of mobile applications. AI allows the developers to analyze the apps for user behavior and gather/collect insights about what every user expects. The developers will find out how other users are using the application and what they are looking for in it by using AI. Developers then use the feedback to make improvements in the app. In addition, AI lets the developers customize apps in different ways with new possibilities.


  • Smart Wearables

As per Statista, the number of smart connected wearables devices is expected to reach approximately 1.1 billion worldwide in Q4 2022. When it comes to smart wearables, a maximum part of the market share is captured by smartwatches only. Smart Clothes are another invention and trend you can see in wearables that are most popular in China and some European countries. Today, the wearable market is like a hot cake, where every company wants to show its presence. Like mobile apps work seamlessly on mobile devices and desktops, such software solutions can work well on wearables. In the coming times, wearables will take center stage by side-lining smartphones, and smart wearables could be the biggest market.


  • Cross-Platform Flutter

Gone are those days when companies choose one platform at a time, they choose between Android and iOS, but after the arrival of Flutter, companies now prefer cross-platform apps that support Android and iOS as well. Overall it saves time and money. This is one of the prime and major reasons mobile app developers choose Flutter for cross-app development. 

Flutter comes with open-source SDL, which helps developers develop high-quality apps for both platforms (Android and iOS). Furthermore, with the help of Flutter, developers can build an easy user interface and also can offer some latest and trendy features. Not only this, you can even save some time on emulators and simulators as it minimizes reload times by sub-seconds. In the mobile development trend, we can say Flutter is the new player that eliminates the compatibility issues when working on both platforms.


  • ChatBots

Chatbots are gaining a lot of eyeballs among many best enterprises and startups. As a result, interest in chatbots is increasing, and the market is expected to be $1+ billion by 2025. According to Google Trends, interest in chatbots has increased almost five times over 10 years. Also, these are integrated into one of the latest trending apps. Thus, this modern-day innovation is changing the way humans will interact with machines.

These bots are specially developed to communicate with the user with the help of texting, and they make sure you don’t miss a query from customers. Approximately 51 percent of B2B buyers prefer Chatbots over human customer care. In addition, due to machine learning technology, the app will become more accurate over time in delivering results.

Initially, apps like Skype, Facebook, Slack, and many others used Chatbots at large but now, almost every major product and service sector company uses them to interact with customer interactions. This approach saves time and resources for both the customer and the company. In addition, most of the problems can be solved through a single interaction with chatbots.


Final thoughts

Mobile applications are getting more popular, and every company wants to develop a mobile app. There are many superior players already in the market, so try to develop that app that can offer more than the rest, and UI/UX should be appealing, and overall, the app should be easy to use. To achieve all these, get a reputed mobile app development company.

Companies now started believing that mobile apps are the key to success and boost business growth and productivity.

The Latest and path-breaking technologies are using these in mobile apps like AR and VR. For instance, the Lenskart app now offers a new technology where you can wear many aspects in the app and get the best look spectacles as per your face. So no need to go to the store and try. 

But always choose technologies that suit your business. For example, this technology was suited to Lenskart; that is why they implemented it in their app, so select technology wisely and enforce it, making sense to customers.

In short, you need to be sure whatever technologies you use give benefit to your business.

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